Yangtze River Three Gorges


It is a scenic spot on world’s golden travel route and also China’s national scenic spot and national geo-park. Li Bai, a famous poet in Tang Dynasty, once praised this scenic spot in his poem: “At dawn I left the walled city of White King, Towering among the many-coloured clouds; And came down stream in a day, One thousand Li to Jiang-ling.” Yangtze River Three Gorges ranges from Chaotianmen in Chongqing in the west to Yichang in Hubei Province in the east, consisting of three gorges, named Qutang Gorge, Wuxia Gorge, and Xiling Gorge respectively. With a full length of 630km, it is the most renowned, majestic and beautiful gorge in China. It is also the world’s only gorge where tourists can make a tour by giant cruises. As an important place of origin of Chinese civilization, Yangtze River Three Gorges is a masterpiece work along the Yangtze River, ranking 1st place among top 40 scenic spots in China. It is the most representative mountain, water and gorge scenery in China and one of two golden tourist destinations that were firstly introduced to the international market by China. Tourists at home and abroad long for making a tour of Yangtze River Three Gorges. After the Three Gorges project was completed and water was retained, Yangtze River Three Gorges did not vanish, on the contrary, it is more majestic and more landscapes appear: “Smooth lake rises in the narrow gorges, The mountain goddess shall marvel at a world so changed”, attracting more Chinese and foreign tourists.



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