Da Li  


Dali is one of the cradles where the Yunnan ancient civilization originated. It was once the political, economical and cultural center of Yunnan in the Tang (618-907) and Song (960-1279) Dynasties. It is the converging point where the ancient South Silk Road and Tea Horse Trail met. Bai and other nationality groups there have created a very unique and brilliant culture and left with abundant cultural and historic relics. In between the silvery and hazing hues of Cangshan Mt. and Er’hai Lake are the breathtaking natural landscapes, among which the most famous ones are “Wind, Flower, Snow and Moon.”


Main scenic spots are Dali Ancient Town, Three Pagodas in Chongsheng Temple, Butterfly Spring, Residences of Bai Minority in Xizhou, Mini Putuo Island, Nanzhao Ancient Custom Island, Jizu Mt. in Binchuan, Weishan Old Town, Weibaoshan Mt., Shuimu Mt. in Xiangyun, Yunnanyi Ancient Post-house, Er’yuan Hot Springs, Shibao Mt. in Jianchuan, Sideng Street in Shaxi, and Xinhua Village in Heqing etc.



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