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Our Philosophy

As a travel professional in China, we continuously explore new destinations, from a new hotel, an authentic and interesting village to a new trekking route. We are proud to offer those successful programs that we have personally built to our clients. Then we will personally track the tour all the way till the end including briefing each guide, checking each vehicle model, confirming each menu and each room type of the hotel. In the end, we won a perfect tour and lifelong friends;


Sincerity and Commitment-We believe in sincerity in cooperation and we always offer more information and options to our clients; Our promise is 100% commitment to our clients, which can be relied on and trusted; Sincerity and credibility is the company most treasure value, and the key to survive and success.


Professional-Professional is our label in tourism business, because we know the destination by visiting there and know the operation details from years of guiding experience. And if someplace that are new to us, we fly there and do inspection before the trip; For years, We never stop exploring new destinations. By controlling all the details of the trip, our clients get the same good service all over china;


A Warm Heart-All our staff offers the service with warm hearts! We use our heart to feel and care for clients’ feeling; Our belief is that a true heart can gain a true heart in return; After many trips, our clients have become good partners, friends and some even family. When we are together on a cruise tour on Yangtse river, or climbing the Yellow Mountain between the mist and cloud, or praying on the foot of Mountain Kailash, or trekking in the forest of Zhangjiajie nature park, it is not about business, it is more like a journey of life that we spent together, learning about nature, about culture, about history and about cooperation, honesty, patience and responsibility; So we believe that firstly who need to be a good person, then who can be a good operator and a good tour guide.  


“How happy we are to have friends from afar”, said by Confucius. Indeed, we cordially invite you to come to explore the authentic China with us, and we will be committed to serving price-promising, caring and excellent service!

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