Shigatse Overview


Shigatse, also named Xigatse, means 'the fertile land' and this frontier city is the second largest in Tibet. It sits in the plain at the confluence of the Yarlong Tsangpo and Nyangchu Rivers, where Tibet's most fertile land is to be found. With some thirteen ethnic groups including Tibetan, Hui and Man, it is a typical living area for minority nationalities. The city has a history going back more than 600 years and it is this ancient holy city that is the traditional seat of the Panchen Lama, one of the spiritual leaders in Tibet. The city is also the cultural, economic and political center of Tibet.

Following reformation and the opening up to the modern world, a series of highways were built up. Such as one of the world's highest cities with  beautiful high plateau scenery, the area is also a hot spot for Chinese tourism. The average elevation here is in a range of 3840 - 4464 meters, which endows cool and even cold weather to the area. In the high plateau, the climate is not very pleasant due to the frequent wind and dry atmosphere. Its long history gives this city a strong cultural heritage, especially in respect of Buddhism.



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