Badain Jaran



Badain Jaran Desert


Badain Jaran Desert, one of the four great deserts in China, is located to the north of  Jinchang City. Its total area is 47 thousand km2. High Sand Mountain, mysterious singing sand, still lake and wetland constitute unique and charming scenery in Badain Jaran Desert.


The odd peaks, the singing sand, the lake, the magic spring and the temple are “Five Wonders” in Badain Jaran Desert. The dunes here are in the form of huge waves in the sea or ancient towers because of the effects of wind. The area of Badain Jaran Desert takes up 39% of Alxa Right Banner’s total. Its relative height is 200 to 500 meters. It has the highest dune in China even in the world. The Singing Sand in Baori Tolgoi is very steep. The ridge of it, like a blade, rises and falls. The roaring of sands’ sliding can be heard miles away, hence the name of “Kingdom of Singing Sand”. More than 113 lakes are scattered in the desert, among which 74 have water perennially and 12 are fresh-water lakes. The total area of these lakes is 327 km2. It is known as “An Abundant Place beyond the Mongolian Desert” because of its lush reeds, playing water birds, and gliding fish. At the north and southwest edges of the desert, there are rock paintings on Mandela Mountain which is honored as “living fossils in the art world.” They record the early people’s hunting and farming activities.






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