Yulong River


Second only to Lijiang River in both size and fame, Yulong River is also called Little Lijiang River and it takes about a 30-minute drive from here to West Street in Yangshuo. Originated in Guli River of Lingui County, Yulong River flows first through 30 villages in three townships of Yangshuo County, then slowly southward down the National Highway G321 and finally flows to Lijiang River after joining the Jinbao River at the Qing'e Ferry Point of Chuanyan Cave and Ancient Banyan Scenic Area. Yulong River is 43.5 km long, 38 to 61 m wide and 0.5 to 2 m deep. Several dykes and dams have been built in the river, which explains why the river is still not open to navigation. The clear and slowly-flowing river is also a place where some of the County's historic and cultural sites are located. Yulong River also boasts many famous bridges, such as Xiangui Bridge (the oldest bridge in Guangxi), Yulong Bridge (largest single-hole stone bridge in Guangxi) and Fuli Bridge (with the roundest single hole in Yangshuo). With the popularity of hiking in recent years, Yulong River, once hidden from outside world, has gradually unveiled its untouched beauty and cultural heritage to tourists both at home and abroad. After a scientific expedition around the area, Karl, Ph.D. and famous garden expert from Harvard University, said, “This is truly the most beautiful river in all China.”





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