Night Scenes


Main downtown of Chongqing, seats in a hillside, surrounded by two rivers, where buildings with different heights standing along water stand, enabling Chongqing to be a rare landscape city in the world. After its jurisdiction by the central government, the urban construction of City is bringing about changes day after day, ran up lots of tall buildings along the river. As night falls, the buildings look like colorful crystals with all the lights on, and the river under the light looks like a flowing silver river, showing the luxury of the city. Overlooking the city, you will feel pleasant and invigorating. For night scenes, three places are recommended:


Liangjiang Tower in Eling Park

A place to view night scenes of Chongqing in early years. At the tower, you may view Yangtze River, Jialingjiang River and night scenes near and far from which we may touch the times of old Chongqing, as well as the vessel slipping over. The two rivers flow like a giant tree, and the streets like the branches, and the lights like the fruits on the tree.


Nanshan One Tree Hill

 What we read at One Tree Hill is a magnificent colorful painting while what we see at Liangjiang Tower is an ink and wash painting. For a higher location, the hill gives the visitors a wide vision to view brilliantly illuminated peninsula and see a hierarchy of lights in all directions. Lights in different colors sparkle and shine in layers and are reflected in the sparkling river, creating a mirage-like view. When people get into the palace, they will completely swept by the feeling of the heaven permeating the earth.


Night View of Chongqing 

The nocturnal sight in Chongqing is splendid and beautiful. Starting from Chaotianmen Wharf, to Yangtze Bridge along the river, and then via Chaotianmen Wharf, you may see a sea of lights forming a myriad of twinkling lights, while embraced by music near and far, served a cup of fragrant tea or wine, how a feeling satisfied. Finally, along Jialingjiang River to Huanghuayuan Bridge, back to Chaotianmen Wharf. The city seems to never sleep, remaining always awake and wary of the looming mountains surrounding it.



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