Three Natural Bridges


It is a world cultural heritage, and the world’s largest group of natural bridges located 20km southeast Wulong County, Chongqing, this scenic spot belongs to a typical karst landscape, characterized by grandness, peculiarity, steepness, elegance, quietness, and uniqueness. As a rarely-seen geological wonder and ecological tourist attraction, it is praised as an earth heritage and world wonder by explorers and geologists. In the scenic spot are three grand and spectacular natural bridges, i.e. Tianlong Bridge, Qinlong Bridge, which are the world’s most attractive and largest group of natural bridges. Besides, these are green words, peaks, cliffs, rivers, springs, birds and flowers. Natural bridges, Sheshen Cliff, Peak Staring Stone, Green Pond, and Fairy Cave are very attractive, making tourists reluctant to leave. Mountains, waters, waterfalls, gorges, and bridges constitute a perfect picture. Tourists can view beautiful natural landscapes and also become intoxicated with nature. Tourist attractions start from cliffs and extend to the bottom of the valley. In addition, the scenic spot has a long history and profound cultural background. In Tang Dynasty, this place was an official post road and a relay station was set at the bottom of the pit. So far the relay station has resumed its original appearance. This scenic spot was the only outdoor scene site of Zhang Yimou’s movie named Cruse of the Golden Flower produced in 2006. On June 27, 2007, Three Natural Bridges, along with Furong Cave and Houping Qingkou heavenly Pit, were recorded in the Directory of World Natural Heritage. This scenic spot is China’s sixth world natural heritage and Chongqing’s only world natural heritage. The world-renowned Wulong International Mountain Quest is held in this scenic spot every year.


On April 23, 2012, Zhang Yimou made his all efforts to create his powerful work called “Wulong Impression”, presented Xianlu Mountain, Wulong, the world nature heritage. The performance, took particular high mountain and valleys as the natural stage, height difference 200m above, presenting a mysterious and powerful picture, traced back to Bayu and made audience feel the unique enchantment of Bayu Culture in the magnificent and beautiful scenes.




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