Xijiang Miao Village


Xijiang Miao village built by more than a dozen mountain natural villages linked plots, is currently China's and the world's largest Miao inhabited villages, living in the "West" Hmong clan. Hillside layers Miao wooden houses on stilts, coffee color of the old house was leaning against the green mountains, Baishui he will stockaded village is divided into two parts, this side of the river (for visitors into the door on the left hand side) is mainly commercial pedestrian street, on the other side of the river (for visitors into the door on the right hand side is the viewing platform overlooking the stockade.


To reach the Xijiang Miao village, parking lot down see hanging plaque "Xijiang Miao village, which contains" the door, from the door into the stockade and 1.5 km of the road can sit car battery, can also walk. After the 1.5 km, and saw a and parking lots that looks similar to the hanging plaque "Xijiang Miao village, which contains" the door, which was actually reach the stockade.


First drink a door, and then into the village. The first to see the commercial pedestrian street, selling an array of Miao nationality characteristics of goods, the most worth seeing is Miao silverware, near the Miao village in Leishan County Da Gou Xiang control worship is the silversmith village with famed far and near, almost the whole village man master silver production technology, Miao silver exquisite workmanship and because of the fineness of the relatively low, the price is cheap.


The pedestrian street area Lusheng field see Miao song and dance performances, every 11:00, 17:00 each have a show, when about 30 minutes. You can also visit the museum, Xijiang Miao Cangtou drum (Miao Wang's house, the house for a holy drum). Or walk along the White River, have a look the eaves shelter bridge on the river, the short narrow wood tile of the Zhanqiao.


Go to the end of the stockade is a pastoral scenery, even if the season is also very few people to this one. Across the river to the viewing platform on the battery station, go to the observation deck, road is not long, along the way can also look at batik workshops. Arrive at the viewing platform, waiting for the night, the drama has just begun. Thousands of lights from the eaves of wooden houses on stilts environment, bits and pieces, outline the contours of the Miao village, is the shape of a bull's head, it is difficult to imagine a mountain in the stockade, so the lights in the scene. Again early in the morning came to the viewing platform, the mist enveloped the Miao village, the first ray of sunshine will wooden house cross into gold, smoke rising wave, a new day started again.


In the village often can see the hair plate at the top of the head, the bun inserted a large flower miaonv. Light is not fun to see, also can rent a few sets of seedlings were suit dress back miaonv, Miao Zu service not expensive and especially good-looking, very popular with the girls.


Xijiang Miao village tourism development mature, do not worry about accommodation. To eat, the most famous is long table banquet and hotel in the village everywhere people ask you want to eat dinner tables, dozens of yuan a person, the table put together longer, even if tables banquet, when the right is the experience of the. Real tables banquet is open, dozens of table even the elders, de novo do not necessarily see tail, in important festivals and important tour visit, pendulum authentic tables banquet, encounter tens of millions do not miss. Qiandongnan's taste is sour, Miao Food has Suantang Yu, characteristics of sauerkraut, bacon etc..


Stay away from the main street will be cheaper, health conditions can also be. But the accommodation is mostly walled wooden house, sound insulation effect is not very good.



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