Zhenyuan Ancient City


Zhenyuan County is Wuyang River split in two, is on the north shore of old soldiers stationed in the place, called for the Acropolis; south is the administrative agencies and civilian merchants gathered, known for Tainan. So far, there are still some cities in the ancient city wall and gate site. Wuyang river two bridge, and to the west is the newly built, the locals for the new bridge and ordained on the eastern side of the bridge is the ancient city of Zhenyuan sign building, known locally as the old bridge. Between new and old bridge, is the traditional town boundaries, constitute a town by end-to-end three Street (New Street, Xinglong Street and Shuncheng Street), on both sides of the street and other ancient town of similar are pubs, restaurants and shops.


Consecration of a bridge is a landmark of the town, the bridge has a three-tier Pavilion, there was a main channel of Hunan Guizhou Unicom, since ancient times is "Xiangqian throat," said. Every night, consecrated bridge on the lights, the water reflected the lights, quite spectacular, both on the bridge around or take leisure are suitable for.


On the east side of Yuping Mountain is consecrated bridge, more than 40 ancient buildings in Ming and Qing Dynasties hillside, folds, quite spectacular. This is a place that can’t be missed in the ancient town of Zhenyuan: Tsing Lung hole. These ancient buildings built by the mountain, trees, vines, and com. cliffs, caves, like nature itself -- highest quality. Through the period, there is a feeling of return to the ancient. The highest point of the top of the Yuhuangge Zhenyuan ancient town, here is the best shooting position of the view of the ancient city. Walk down from the consecrated bridge, almost a hour. 


In addition to the three main street, within the city and Si Fang Jing Xiang, Fu Xing Xiang, Renshou Lane communicated with the ancient roadway, roadway crooked, but extending in all directions. Walk in the tunnel, wells, some other old houses and workshops can arouse some childhood memories.


Walk around the city, you can rent a bicycle in the Xinglong Street, as the locals like riding a bicycle around the Zhenyuan County, on the outskirts of fresh air, along the green trees, flowers and the farmland let you away from the city's excitement. Riding a bicycle is enough, you can also rent a boat in the ancient city of water upstream of the ticket office, boating on the Wuyang river. 




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