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6-Day Undiscovered Backroad Biking Tour of Yangshuo and Li River



Tour Overview

This 6-day biking tour focuses not only on highlight places worth seeing around the Li River and the stunning countryside of Yangshuo, but also unsophisticated places in these two areas. While biking, you’ll surely be fascinated by the excellent views in Yangshuo and the villages hidden behind the busy cement roads on the way will display the overall sight of the rural life in South China. This tour is perfect for mountain bicycles.

Long-distance cycling background and medium physical condition are required for this tour.

Road condition of this tour: mixed roads (well-built concrete road, macadam, broken simple country road, muddy road, etc.).

Level of difficulty of this tour: medium level, not too much hill climbing except on the last cycling day.


Day 1. Arrive at Guilin (Dinner)

Guilin Bravo Hotel  ★★★

Today we meet at Guilin airport and then drive to the hotel in the city center to do check-in. You will get your bicycle today and have a testing ride with our tour leader. No matter you are a skilled rider or a newbie, we will offer a basic user manual to impart you with the information of the mountain bicycle you’ll use and matters that needs to be paid attention during the tour.






Day 2.  Guilin/Huixian Westland Areas/Yanshan Town [50km, 31miles](Breakfast, Dinner)

Local guest house 

Today we’ll leave the city center for Yanshan Town via Huixian Wetland Areas. A section of off-road biking is included. We’ll start with biking from the hotel on a less busy road. After some small paths and villages, we’ll arrive at Huixian County and then continue to the wetland banks. There we’ll take a boat to enjoy the splendid sceneries. We can also climb up to a hill to get a complete picture of the wetland. After lunch and a rest, we’ll go on riding along the small paths and villages to Yanshan Town and check in at the hotel to refresh.


Today you’ll be able to enjoy the limestone peaks, crisscrossing rivers, old bridges and ancient routes connecting villages. The biking is not difficult but the labyrinth of small paths crisscrosses the area, thus please follow the leader closely.






Day 3. Yanshan Town/Putao/Yangshuo [75km, 46miles] (Breakfast, Dinner)

Yangshuo Secret Garden Boutique Guest House  ★★★

During the biking today, you’ll see meandering rivers, limestone hills, and rural countryside with rice paddies and mud-brick houses. The amazing karst topography and peaceful country road accompany you all the way to Yangshuo. This biking tour is quite different from traditional tours by car. The biking route today is not so simple, you’ll encounter macadam, unsurfaced forest road with soil and mud. We will arrive at Yangshuo before evening.






Day 4.  Yangshuo/Xingping [43km, 27miles](Breakfast, Dinner)

Local guest house 

We start our riding today along the Li River to get to Xingping. Xingping is a small town located on the northeast of Yangshuo and is an important wharf of the Li River. We’ll bike through the lanes of peaceful villages and keep away from the dangerous tunnels and roads for car. After checking in the hotel in Xingping, we’ll go to climb the Laozhai Hill. On the top of the hill, a great panoramic view and the great bend of the Li River will definitely shock you. You’ll need to climb over 1000 stairs before reaching the top of the hill and the wild stairs makes trekking up hard, but you’ll surely be rewarded with the wonderful mountain views.






Day 5. Xingping/Daxu/Guilin [65km, 40miles] (Breakfast, Dinner)

Guilin Bravo Hotel  ★★★

We cycle for about 1 hour to leave Xingping town and then bike into the mountain area with big climbing up or small undulating roads. The road condition is generally good as it has just been rebuilt, yet small sections of unfinished or broken road do exist.


Today is the only day with relatively difficult cycling. You’ll meet big climbs and undulations. However, the sceneries you’ll see are amazing. We’ll pass by Xitang village, where there are excellent lake views, and arrive at Daxu. We’ll take a short rest at the bank of Li River and the ancient town there and then cycle back to Guilin via a unique hidden country road.






Day 6. Guilin/Depart (Breakfast)

After breakfast, you’ll be transferred to the airport for your depart flight.





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